Brand Awareness
Through Social Media

Hospitality is a crowded industry, making brand awareness through a strong and engaging social presence vital. Read more...

TripAdvisor Reviews
from Social Media

Positive TripAdvisor reviews are crucial to hospitality businesses today, and we use engagement on your social accounts to increase these for you. Read more...

Sales Through
Social Media

People are increasingly looking for sales through social media before deciding which local restaurant or pub to dine at, often enticed by shared content from friends and family. Read more...

Live Complaints
via Social Media

Pub or restaurant owner? At some point, you’ve probably had an unhappy customer post on your social pages while they are still seated in your establishment, as live complaints have become increasingly common. Read more...

Table Bookings
from Social Media

A message on Facebook or Twitter is the go-to method of making reservations for many people, being the most convenient form of communication. Read more...

Dealing with
Customer Service

Despite social media becoming the preferred method of communication for most of us, research shows that brands are letting people down with their social customer service, failing to answer enquiries and complaints. Read more...

Social Listening

Social Listening is a way of monitoring conversations related to your brand and industry online. It’s more active than the name suggests though: we not only listen to what people are saying, we engage with them to benefit your business. Read more...

Issue Management

If you are a hospitality brand, it is essential to have issue management processes in place on social media. Read more...

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