Brand Awareness
though Social Media

Hospitality is a crowded industry, making brand awareness through a strong and engaging social presence vital. Your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page will often be the first place people look when they want to find out about you, while an engaged audience who interact with and share your posts are highly beneficial to your business.

We can help grow your brand awareness on social by creating a content plan geared towards improving engagement. Competitions, poll posts and appealing imagery are just a few of the ways this is achieved, as well as call to actions such as ‘share our post’ and ‘tag your friends’.

What’s more, the style of interactions by our Social Media team are designed to increase engagement. We get people chatting about their experiences with you which helps to build a longer lasting relationship between the users and your business.

This engagement focused strategy increases reach of posts and can help your brand awareness soar. Plus, people seeing great social customer service taking place, branded content, and interactions in your tone of voice are all positive for promoting your brand.