Customer Service Management Through Social Media

Providing customer service on social media is no longer a choice for hospitality brands; it’s a necessity. But for many in the industry, it’s too time consuming to manage alone. That’s where our Customer Service Management can help.

We will monitor all enquiries and respond on your behalf, saving the time of busy waiting staff and management by acting as your voice. This includes complaint management; we respond to negative feedback and liaise with you on how you would like this handled.

Often we pick up live complaints, where the guest is still seated in your restaurant. Where you may not have spotted this until they have already left, we can respond immediately and alert your team, so they have the chance to resolve this in-house.

Issue Management processes will also be agreed with you, so we can minimise reputational damage from incidents that find their way onto social media, as they regularly do in the hospitality world.

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