Table Booking Service

If your goal is to fill seats in your pub or restaurant, we can offer a table booking service to help you secure those reservations.

We create content reminding people of your special offers, menus and services, and most importantly, invite them to book directly through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by privately messaging the page. From here we can gather details of their booking - from the number in their party to special dietary requirements and contact details - before calling your team to check availability and make the booking.

Through our interaction management, we also actively create bookings through conversations we strike up with your target audience. How do we start those conversations? We post sponsored content carefully targeted at potential customers with the purpose of engaging them.

We want to save you time and minimise unnecessary calls to you as much as possible; that’s why we record dates you are fully booked and food service times.

If you want to increase the number of table bookings you’re securing via social media, talk to us today.